Pyeongchang 2018

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Robert Johansson and his Amazing Moustache

On Saturday Andreas Wellinger won Olympic gold in the normal hill individual ski jumping.

While the German’s victory was highly impressive, it wasn’t the only hair-raising activity on display.

Enter Robert Johansson and his amazing handlebar moustache.

The Norwegian has been growing his red whiskers for two years and they have become legendary on the ski jumping circuit. But as the 27-year-old took to the skies in PyeongChang, the bristling red ‘tash also took off on Twitter.

It’s high maintenance too. Apparently due to the considerable length Johansson has to coiffure it with a special comb and wax.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that the 27-year-old isn’t bad at jumping either. After starting round 2 in 10th position, the flying Norwegian produced a remarkable leap of 113 metres to clinch the bronze medal.

Naturally online watchers have concluded that the moustache’s special powers are what made the difference on a chilly night in Korea.

Plain and simple, you have to admit it.

Back in the real world, this is actually a valid point. Can science even explain what is going on here?

After winning a real gold medal, surely an honorary moustache medal is the next best thing?

Now this, we would pay to see.

It seems the power of Johansson’s facial hair may even transcend beyond helping him jump further. According to this tweeter, it could have the ability to bridge the gap between Winter sports fans.

For those already suffering withdrawal symptoms from Johansson and his moustache, have no fear! They will both be back in the large hill event on Friday!

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