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Czechs go inside out for PyeongChang

Czech Republic launch kits for PyeongChang 2018|@Getty Images

Want to look good on the PyeongChang podium?

The Czech Republic team are sure to shine at the Winter Olympics. Not only with a host of medal contenders, but with a fashion game that is on point.

The highlight of their kit launch for the Games? Extra special reversible jackets.. with one side covered in beautiful, glorious GOLD. And all for a very good reason.


What started at Sochi 2014 as a flash of inspiration from Eva Samkova has been woven into the fabric of the team.

The snowboarder already announced herself as a trend-setter by sporting a lucky, pencilled-on moustache for most of the Games. Click here for a reminder of her face furniture.

But after winning the snowboard cross event, Samkova turned her jacket inside out at the medals ceremony so that the inner, golden lining could be seen.

Out of Samkova’s spontaneous moment of podium glory, an idea took seed.

“It was really cool, everyone liked it,” says Czech freestyle skier Nikol Kucerova. “So this year they made it on purpose.”

Hat tip to Raska

The kits are topped off with another neat little nod to the past – a woolly hat called “Raskovka”, resembling the one worn by the country’s most famous ski jumper, Jiri Raska, when he claimed gold at the Grenoble 1968 Winter Olympics (long before helmets became an essential part of kits).

More on that sweet story can be found by clicking here.

Czech form

The Czechs have got form for this kind of thing. At Rio 2016, their outfits were also a cut above the norm.

“For Rio, we had a funny uniform with colours and now it is more serious, but not boring,” explains the team’s Chef de Mission for PyeongChang, Martin Doktor.

“I think a couple of small things about the uniform make it funny as well.”

Designed to put a smile on your face and keep you warm inside. What’s not to like?


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