Pyeongchang 2018

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Mr. T’s Curling Prediction Comes True!

So it turns out doubting Mr. T really is a foolish decision!

It all started on the night of the PyeongChang opening ceremony, when the former A-Team actor announced to the world that he was curling’s biggest fan.

Since then Mr. T has stayed true to his word.

Despite the drama unfolding in the small hours in America, the curling convert has tuned in to all the matches and provided a constant stream of support and inspiration via Twitter.

It was only right therefore that he got a little bit excited when USA went on to seal their first ever Olympic curling title!

Of course, before the final the self-styled ‘Pitier of fools’ and former football player predicted that Sweden had a long night ahead of them in the final.

The celebrity endorsement alone would have been enough to put the Swedish off, but then Mr. T turned his attention to Team USA, warning them that they must make his and their dreams come true. We certainly would not argue with the big man.

With such a great hashtag game, it is perhaps predictable that Team Shuster stepped up and delivered the gold medal for Mr T and the USA.

While the countless hours of practice and dedication to their craft undoubtedly laid the foundations for this great win, the Twittersphere was keen to recognise Mr. T’s small part in the victory too.


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