Pyeongchang 2018

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Korea’s K-Pop-Inspired Closing Ceremony Warms Cold Night

Innovative technology, soju, and kimchi cuisine. There are many defining features of Korean culture.

However all the above pale in comparison to K-pop. The young men and women who perform their favoured music genre are utterly adored at home, and are rapidly becoming household names abroad.

With that in mind, it was always going to be a winning decision by the event organisers to give K-pop a heavy presence at the PyeongChang2018 closing ceremony.

With the crowd already whipped up into a frenzy following a depiction of Soohorang in the sky with drones, female solo artist CL took the noise to the next level.

While CL was ‘slaying peoples’ entire existence (which we assume to be a good thing), the next act EXO was holding audience with IOC President Thomas Bach.

Then Exo came to the stage, and their self-styled Exols got just a little bit excited online!

As has become customary when Exo perform well, the waterworks began!

Once the extreme outpouring of EXO-related emotion online was finished, one slightly more subdued fan paid homage to all viewers around the world, who shared in the awesome spectacle that is a K-pop concert.


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