Pyeongchang 2018

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K-Pop Closing Ceremony Line-Up Sending Social Media into Spin

The K-pop revolution is gathering pace!

The Olympic Closing Ceremony is traditionally seen as a way of bringing the world together as one, as well as handing over the Games to the next host nation.

It has also become tradition to showcase the best of the incumbent host’s culture, especially through music, while the world’s eyes are watching.

In London we saw the Spice Girls. In Sochi a beautiful ode to classical composer Rachmaninoff and in Rio there was a samba carnival finale. In Korea, there will be K-pop!

The enormously popular Korean music genre features elements of western pop music, rock, and jazz on top of some uniquely traditional Korean music roots.

Its sounds have been a constant feature in Games venues, and its greatest artists are worshipped like deities.

Boy band EXO and solo artist CL are two of these leading lights and the Twittersphere simply went wild when news broke that they would be performing at the PyeongChang 2018 Closing Ceremony.

If the spectator hand-warmers fail to warm onlookers up on the night, then it looks like these two acts will certainly get the job done!

Will you be crying Exo tears when the time comes for them to perform?

Growling seems a touch unnecessary, but anything to make a good show!

A slightly tenuous connection from this online onlooker, but we appreciate the pun nonetheless.

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