Pyeongchang 2018

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German ‘Customs Officials’ Sweep up Nordic Combined Medals

6The event may be called Nordic Combined, but on this day in PyeongChang it was all about Germany.

Having built a lead in the ski jumping stage of the event, Japan’s Akito Watabe took a one-second advantage into the cross-country section, hoping to build upon his silver medal at Sochi 2014.

However it was Norway’s Jarl Magnus Riiber who looked to have won the day, and the gold medal, as he dominated most of the race.

But in the last two kilometres Team Deutschland came to the party. Riiber faded badly and could only look on in despair as German Johannes Rydzek, Fabian Riessle, and Eric Frenzel took gold, silver, and bronze respectively.

Not only was it Germany’s first Nordic Combined Large Hill gold medal, but it was also the first medal sweep ever in the discipline.

Unsurprisingly the German juggernauts’ antics served as a catalyst for an outpouring of support online, ranging from the outright patriotic to the downright witty!

This first onlooker, for example, thinks the German medal winners have skills that would suit another line of employment.

And there was only one side in it!

We can only hope this spectator has thick walls, for their neighbours’ sake!

Assuming capital letters mean shouting, the same sentiment applies here.

But it wasn’t just the German public that were excited. Even overseas government representatives were swept up in the wave of national pride.

Congratulations Germany!


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