Pyeongchang 2018

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Five things we learned from PyeongChang

So goodbye PyeongChang. You were wonderful. And mind-numbingly cold.

After seventeen days of sporting drama at its gripping best, here are five things we found out beyond the snow and ice:

1. Mr. T is a curling convert

Curling attracted a new follower in PyeongChang, as Mr.T announced to the world that he was hooked on the sport.

That he pitied the fool who didn’t like curling.

Mr.T was with them every stone along the way as the USA pulled off a stunning upset over Sweden to take gold.

The only shame was that as he is ‘no crazy fool’, Mr. T didn’t get on a plane to PyeongChang. But his pre-game message did fire John Shuster’s side to a fairy tale victory:

2. EXO win the internet with their sunglasses

Everything the K-Pop band do is going to attract attention.

It comes as no surprise therefore that when band member Suho hopped on the shady craze that hit PyeongChang, it took the five ring glasses to a whole different level.

The internet started requesting in their droves as to where they could get their hands on the latest fashion trend, but it’s hard to think that anyone could pull this look off better.

3. There’s more than one way to ride an escalator

OK, OK. We don’t recommend trying this one. Leave it to the Olympians and their incredible athletic powers.

But Fabian Boesch’s novel approach to riding an escalator had to be admired (although, maybe not by his ski coach).

Should we be worried he still can’t work out how to use them?

4. Robert Johansson has the best face furniture

Ski jumper Robert Johansson took the Games by storm. Not only did he win bronze in the individual large hill event, but he also helped Norway to a Team gold and did it all with possibly the greatest moustache ever to grace the Olympics.

Johansson’s whiskers are currently a two-year masterpiece. So take a good look at the rest of the Norwegian’s face now, as by the time Beijing 2022 rolls round it may be totally hidden.

5. We found out where Winnie the Pooh goes

The Gangneung Ice Arena littered with Winnie the Pooh teddy bears after Yuzuru Hanyu’s performances was a surreal sight.

Hundreds of them cascaded down in homage to the Japanese superstar (it’s got a bit of a backstory). Thankfully, we found out what happens to them after:


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