Pyeongchang 2018

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Fabian Boesch’s escalator ride with a difference

Too lazy to take the stairs but think standing on an escalator is overrated? Fabian Boesch has the answer!

Most people would simply step on the moving staircase and let the electronics do the rest.

But the freestyle skier has shared his unusual method of riding the escalator, and it’s attracting lots of attention…


With over 35,000 likes and counting, it’s safe to say the Swiss is going viral.

He even caught the attention of Team USA’s Lindsey Vonn, who appears to be challenging him to an escalator-riding duel…

Which may yet become reality!

We wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself though!

Free time

The 20-year-old Boesch has also been busy on social media before he competes on Sunday.

What better way to spend his free time than to “try out” for other sports?

From bobsleigh

…to speed skating.

A post shared by Fabian Bösch (@buhsch) on

And if you want to see him in action for real, he takes part in the ski slopestyle on 18 February!


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